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Alera Ss Stool/Chair

Alera Ss Stool/Chair

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Sit Stand adjustable stool. Supports up to 300lbs. innovative design provides the comfort of sitting, even when standing. Ideal for use in front office, reception, back office, service desk and industrial work environment. Easy and tools, free seat, height adjustment sets under at desired height within seconds. Side to side, swivel seat with angle to provide maximum adjustment and ergonomically. Carry handles and base with controllers assure easy mobility. Industrial grade Integra skin PU ups seat in tear/poke resistant invite friendly. Heavy gauge tubular, steel column with cam action mechanism provide superior strength and durability. Non-Merion rubber padding glides on base assure stability. Polyurethane recommendations for application areas. Assembly/repair in technical task, compatible flooring, type, hard flooring, casters/glide surface texture. Soft seat with maximum 14 inch dual clutch postural control, no pre-customer recycling, con 10 percentage zero.

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