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Metrovac Critical Area Duster

Metrovac Critical Area Duster

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White, steel,

This multipurpose electric duster feature is a 500 W motor that is ideal for keeping keyboards, computers and other technological equipment clean. Regular use of the data vac, electric tester can help you ensure your office in electronic gear is dust, free and running at maximum efficiency with a data vac electric duster. You will also have access to a comfortable and easy to use powered blower feature that has green or power that is more eco-friendly then alternative options on the market. It’s green energy source means the ED – 500 is more efficient and cost efficient when compared to other models. It’s sturdy and modern. No structure is completely re-designed to offer you the most lightweight but powerful office duster in the industry. Sturdy all steel bacon ammo finish 12‘2“ conductor. Attachments include air, pin, pointer, air, concentrator, nozzle, air flare, nozzle, and four piece detailing tool kit.

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