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EPSON UltraChrome 220ml Printer Ink

EPSON UltraChrome 220ml Printer Ink

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Epson ultra chrome 33 ink technology represents a turning point in the history of inkjet printing. Inspired by past generations of pigmented ink technology. Epson, eight color ink set incorporates, three unique levels of black witch, along with new color, pigment technology, dramatically improved other colors and black and white prints. Image producing archival prints with amazing color, definition, gloss, level, and scratch resistance while providing stable colors from the moment prints exit the printer cooperating, high density pigment, Epson ultra chrome K3 introduces print with an extremely wide color gamut, allowing the reproduction of colors that were originally envision at the point of capture. With his expanded, Gamet and breakthrough, eight color system, no other insect can reproduce the three dimensions my flight quality in stunning photographic feel of absence ultra comb K3, utilizing a unique three Level blacking technology.

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